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Immerse students in a real-world situation with on-the-job experiences.

We have been developing online master's programs for over a decade. Our academic programs leverage our Story-Centered approach to immerse students in a real-world situation with on-the-job experiences. Students apply the skills needed to be successful and leave the program with a portfolio of real-world deliverables to help them land competitive jobs in their chosen field.

Below are a few examples of the organizations we have worked with to build successful academic programs:

  • XTOL (eXperiential Training On Line) provides learn-by-doing experiential master's programs in partnership with degree-granting universities all over the world. Socratic Arts is XTOL's exclusive design and development partner.
  • LaSalle University, in Barcelona, Spain, offers an Experiential Online MBA program that provides students with a top quality business education that allows them to hit the ground running as soon as they graduate.
  • Carnegie Mellon University's Silicon Valley Campus offers master's programs in information technology, innovation, software engineering, and software management.

When Carnegie Mellon University established a Silicon Valley Campus in 2002 it wanted a cutting edge curriculum that would enable students to acquire and practice the essential skills and knowledge that they would use upon graduation in the real world.

Read more about the Story-Centered Curriculum we developed for Carnegie Mellon

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Recently launched sister company, Schank Academy, offers immersive online courses using CEO Roger Schank's proven Story-Centered curricula. Available programs include Data Analytics & Big DataCyber Security, eCommerce and Software Development. For more information, and full listing of available courses please Contact Schank Academy.

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