Learning isn't fun, we need to stop pretending it is

In today's world, with amazing technology at our disposal and the supposed need to offer the modern learner something engaging, quick, on-demand, and more mind blowing than anything they have ever experienced, it's easy to get caught up on HOW to build a learning program (i.e., how do we entertain the audience?).

However, in the midst of all of the videos, animations, and games, we lose the WHY. Why are we building this learning program? Who is it for and WHY do they need it?

In his latest blog, Socratic Arts' CEO, Roger Schank, emphasizes to not add videos, games, animations, etc. to a learning program just for the sake of fun or having something cool, but to use technology and innovative learning strategies to provide learners with a meaningful experience that is memorable and applicable to them.

Because, regardless of whether you're building an eLearning program, a live simulation, a learning game, or a short video or animation, if the learner doesn't walk away knowing how to apply the skills from the training, then the training has failed.


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Roger Schank

Roger Schank

is the Chairman and CEO of Socratic Arts, a company that delivers Story-Centered Curricula to businesses and schools. He is also the Executive Director and founder of Engines for Education. Read more

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