Our History

Pioneers in Learning Then, Now, and Tomorrow


The Lab Years: The Institute for the Learning Sciences

  • Multidisciplinary exploration of how, why, and when people learn.
  • Focus on what role technology plays in pushing the learning envelope.
  • A $40 million research investment started our pioneering work.


Pioneering Computer-Based Solutions

  • Began creating Computer Based Simulations in early 1990s, called Goal-Based Scenarios (GBSs).
  • Companies were excited by "learn by doing" in realistic contexts.
  • Experience proved that computer-based training alone lacked true performance-based participant work and feedback.


Live Training

  • Soon, we started delivering Goal-Based Scenarios live to clients.
  • The live programs were both more cost-effective and allowed for more creative, open-ended tasks and sophisticated human mentor feedback.
  • We continue to offer live simulations and layer on technology as needed.


Growth & Innovation: A Hybrid Approach

  • We continue to create Goal-Based Scenarios — with human mentors — to enable cost-effective learn-by-doing.
  • Our innovative technologies support learning development and delivery in live, hybrid, and virtual settings.


Continuing Research & Development

  • Using our expertise in learning, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence, we continue to research and develop new approaches and technologies to support the modern learner.

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