Our Leadership Team

Led by artificial intelligence expert and visionary Dr. Roger Schank, our team of experienced instructional design and facilitation experts have developed and delivered performance improvement solutions to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and post-secondary schools for over three decades.

Roger Schank

Roger Schank, Ph.D.

is the Chairman and CEO of Socratic Arts, a company that delivers Story-Centered Curricula to businesses and schools. He is also the Executive Director and founder of Engines for Education. Read more.

Michael McGarry

Michael McGarry

is currently President of Socratic Arts, an innovative design and development company in the simulation-based learning space. He is also a Director of the not-for-profit enterprise, Engines for Education. Recently, Mr. McGarry was voted on to the Board of Directors for Opportunity Knocks, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting adolescents and young adults with disabilities. Read more.

Holly Christensen

Holly Christensen

is the Chief Operating Officer and Learning Design Director at Socratic Arts. She has worked with large global companies, Fortune 100 consulting firms, the International Organization for Standardization, universities, and other organizations and schools to design and implement story-centered curricula and learn-by-doing programs. Read more.

Tammy Berman

Tammy Berman, Ph.D.

has specialized in learning needs analysis and program design for over twenty years. She is the Senior Vice President of Design at Socratic Arts, where she oversees and leads projects related to performance improvement for corporations, government, and non-profit organizations, including learning needs analyses, learning program design, and the design of various solutions that enable practitioners to get the help they need when they need it most. Read more.

Ray Bareiss

Ray Bareiss, Ph.D.

is a Senior Vice President at Socratic Arts and the Chief Education Officer of Experiential Teaching Online (http://www.xtolcorp.com/ ), a leading provider of online courses and degree programs in partnership with top universities. Read more.

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