Socratic Arts Wins Gold in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology

Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2015
Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2015

Socratic Arts, a leader in performance improvement solutions, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Excellence in the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology category for its innovative take on Observe & Critique™. Socratic Arts partnered with VitalTalk to create Delivering Serious News, a course that helps medical clinicians improve their communications of serious news and related issues. Socratic Arts' Observe & Critique was one component of the course.

"The development of this new technology was the result of careful attention to the specific needs of the target audience. The performance objectives required identification of precise but subtle issues within interpersonal exchanges, but with this solution learners need not spend time describing what they saw; the focus is on their observations. The resulting technology may be useful for myriad learner (or game player) objectives, such as critiquing a repair process, a game play, or a coaching conversation. We take pride in the spirit of collaborative problem solving that took place between the Socratic Arts and VitalTalk team members throughout this important project," said Socratic Arts' Senior VP of Design, Tammy Berman, Ph.D. Dr. Berman was the primary Senior Instructional Designer for Delivering Serious News and helped design the Observe & Critique functionality.

A panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executives evaluated the entries based on product innovation, unique differentiators, value proposition, and measurable results. Socratic Arts' win was announced on December 3, 2015. The winners are listed at

"Our award winners are the most visionary and innovative developers of HCM technology solutions that move organizations forward in serving employees, customers and investors," said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke, who runs the awards program. "I think everyone can learn from the achievements of our award recipients."

"These award-winning solutions were closely evaluated by our judges for not only their innovation, but the real results they brought to the organizations," Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Office Mike Cooke said. "That is what makes our technology awards program special – connecting creativity and innovation to direct business results."

In the past, Observe & Critique has often been done by segmenting videos and laboriously documenting scene details that relate to the comments made by learners. Socratic Arts wanted to keep the learners focused on the nuanced moments they were looking for while providing a strong learning experience. The result was a simple yet comprehensive learning environment that kept observation and critique at the center while allowing learners to easily access key learning resources and to iteratively move through the course.

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