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Goal-Based Scenario Tool™

The Goal-Based Scenario Tool™ is a flexible, responsive, and fully customizable course authoring tool. It supports self-paced, on-demand courses; asynchronous mentor-supported courses; live in-person courses; and hybrid courses.

GBS has numerous interaction types, with more being created all the time.

A few often-used interactions are:

Example interfaces

Example mobile interface from the Goal-based scenario toolExample course home page from the Goal-based scenario tool

Case Studies

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Digital & eLearning

Short, Mobile Courses for Busy Clinicians

Three ultra-short courses in which clinicians observe model physician / patient conversations and the target skills employed, and critique contrasting, imperfect conversations, comparing their own impressions with an expert’s. Learners see how different conversations impact patients.

Woman standing in a production facility

Digital & eLearning

Change Control for Food Safety & Quality

A digital learning program where learners consider a range of questions from fictional personnel in grey-territory situations and decide whether to initiate change control or whether sufficient steps have been taken.

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Digital & eLearning

Risk Assessment Basics Course

A scenario-driven, scored, digital learning game in which learners play the role of a professional staffed on a Risk Assessment engagement for a financial institution.

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