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"For things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."


Simulation or Story-Centered Courses

Stories are powerful, memorable. We learn and change through stories.

Socratic Arts has innovated an approach to learning known as the "Story-Centered Curriculum." Through our Story-Centered approach, participants learn by doing authentic, motivating tasks in the context of solving real-world problems that are relevant to their job roles.

Our Simulations or Story-Centered Courses:

  • Immerse participants in an engaging story that sparks their interest and motivates them to learn
  • Provide relevant, memorable, hands-on experiences in which the participant plays a key role in the story
  • Provide opportunities for your experienced practitioners to share stories from the field, making the experience personal to your organization

The Story-Centered Curriculum (SCC) method is the single most effective way for employees to gain skills that will prove valuable in the workplace. By placing participants in real-world scenarios, they learn how to apply their new skills to the workplace.

Many training solution providers simply teach skills and concepts without context. But we realize that a new skill is only valuable if you know how to use and apply it, which is why we focus on the transmission of skills to the workplace.

An SCC can be delivered entirely online, in person, or as a live/online combination. Participants can meet as a group face-to-face (in person) or using the latest online collaboration tools. Similarly, interactions with course facilitators (your experienced practitioners) can take place in person or via synchronous or asynchronous online tools.

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