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ExTRA - Experts Telling Relevant Advice

Transfer knowledge through stories

An organization's knowledge capital doesn't exist in documents. It exists in the experiences of its practitioners. Even in today's technology-driven world, the best business insights still come from informal meetings between expert practitioners, swapping war stories and notable experiences. In order to bridge this gap, we've created ExTRA, a unique knowledge management system that stores and retrieves digitally recorded stories of practitioners sharing war stories of their experiences. ExTRA's unique indexing strategy retrieves a helpful story to the user right at the time they need to make a relevant decision.

ExTRA interface
An example ExTRA interface from a medical system.

Knowledge Management / Corporate Memory Development

In order to bridge the gap between technology and powerful informal meetings, we've created ExTRA; a unique knowledge management system that helps businesses use straight-from-the-trenches insight to make well-informed decisions. In collaboration with a wide range of leading corporations and business experts, we've compiled a goldmine of tried-and-true business insights into an easy-to-navigate data storage solution.

Introducing ExTRA

ExTRA (Experts Telling Relevant Advice) is a knowledge management system that stores and retrieves digitally recorded stories. ExTRA has one goal: to help a user make the right decision by delivering the perfect insight as soon as he or she needs it.

Covering a vast range of subjects, ExTRA uses storytelling to deliver these actionable business insights. These stories might come straight from the corporate trenches. They might come from notable historical events. They might even come from everyday conversation. No matter where they come from, these stories offer solutions to a great assortment of common, and uncommon, business issues.

In the old days, you would have to discover these stories by speaking directly with the experts in question. These days, that's no longer true. With ExTRA, we're leveraging the best in modern technology to collate this vast amount of experience in one easy-to-navigate database, unlocking a host of real-world insight at your fingertips.

How ExTRA Works
  • We collect the best stories an organization or corporation has to tell. Interview subjects are recorded on video telling a story in a crisply-told one-to-two minute format
  • We index those stories according to the goals, plans, conditions, and warnings contained in the stories
  • We then match these stories to relevant situations

We're doing the same thing that business leaders have done for generations; only now we're leveraging technology to make the process even more efficient. Our algorithms, based on Artificial Intelligence concepts we have developed for years, unlock a host of insights that could truly alter the course of an organization.

Think of ExTRA like a GPS system. Once you know where you're going and enter your destination into the system, the rest is a piece of cake. Likewise, after ExTRA knows about the specific goals you would like to achieve, the system does the rest — compiling and presenting the stories that will most likely help you reach that goal.

ExTRA is not a system for browsing. Instead, it's a highly reactive system that uses its knowledge of its users to deliver exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. ExTRA is a knowledge management system that works as an institutional memory to improve your daily operations.

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Download a short paper (PDF) on how human conversation works and its relationship to reminding and storytelling in ExTRA.

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