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The Goal-Based Scenario Tool

We will soon be releasing a revolutionary new Goal-Based Scenario (GBS) Tool that fully embraces a learn-by-doing approach to training. Unlike currently available course development tools, the GBS Tool engages users in a question-and-answer dialog not just to elicit course design but also to produce a fully fleshed out course that, after a bit of polishing, is ready for learners.

Hence, as a course designer, you learn through actually designing and developing a course directly in the tool. And, the end result is an engaging, hands-on course for your learners.

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Start the design process with a conversation

When a person creates a course, there is often little support for the "front-end" of the process – the steps that take a course from perceived learning needs to a full design. This can be incredibly challenging for the vast majority of people, many of whom may be novice course designers or subject–matter experts with no instructional design training.

Goal Based Scenario tool interface

It is for these novices that we've created a tool that engages users in conversations to help them design and build great courses. Users are asked a series of questions and are provided relevant examples. The main areas of focus include:

  • the overarching goal of the course
  • the skills learners should acquire, i.e., the things they should be able to do
  • how each skill is instrumental in performing a real-world task
  • how a progression of tasks can be situated within the context of a realistic, engaging story
  • the work that students will produce in each task and the performance support they are likely to require to do so

Throughout the design process, users have access to help and advice from an experienced designer via short, instructional videos.

The output of this process is a draft of your course that, after a little polishing, is ready for students.

Don't just build a course. Build a meaningful experience.

While e-learning has grown a great deal over recent years, few providers are taking full advantage of technology to create a forward-thinking approach to education and training. Their online programs are still rooted in the traditional, lecture-based classroom. We believe in learn-by-doing experiences that frame learning in stories (Story-Centered courses).

Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in one simple fact and decades of research: people learn most effectively by doing, not by being told. Socratic Arts develops courses using this approach, which was pioneered at Professor Roger Schank's Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, and has been validated through the development and deployment of hundreds of courses in which a wide range of learners have learned by doing, acquiring skills in the context of accomplishing meaningful, motivating tasks.

For Corporations

Business training for employees is the single most effective way to improve a corporation's workforce, but that training isn't worth anything if participants don't walk away with workplace-ready skills that they can apply immediately.

For Universities

While many universities are putting their courses online, few are taking full advantage of technology to make learning more compelling, engaging, or relevant. Instead, today's online courses look a lot like what has always been done in the classroom: lectures, homework, and tests.

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