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Observe & Critique

Our Observe & Critique technology is a 2015 Brandon Hall Gold Winner for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology. This award winning technology allows participants to examine a situation closely and, with the help of performance support, identify moments in an interaction that are either exemplary or requiring improvement. Participants make recommendations and learn in the process.

The situation is communicated via video. Participants have the power to stop the video at any time to provide comments. With our innovative approach to Observe & Critique, no longer do participants need to spend time describing the situation. The system notes the exact video clip that is being referenced. Participants can now focus on their observation and recommendation for the situation.

Two examples of the Observe and Critique interface
An example Observe & Critique interface.

View a demonstration of our Observe & Critique system.

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Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Gold Award 2015

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