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Virtual Programs

Many people think of online or web-based training as a lot of reading or watching of videos, possibly followed by a series of questions or a test. As with all of our solutions, we believe learn-by-doing is the best approach to changing behaviors and learning new skills.

Instead of merely mimicking the classroom, these customized training programs leverage our vast experience in Artificial Intelligence and Internet technology to deliver a learning experience that transcends the classroom. Whether instructor-led or self-contained (with no instructor), our custom virtual programs keep participants active and highly engaged throughout the online experience.

In our instructor-led virtual programs:
  • The mentor doesn't lecture and dictate the solution. Instead, the mentor guides participants to the solution.
  • Participants may work alone or in teams (remote or co-located).
  • Virtual teams work together using a range of communication technologies, including email, telephone, online meeting spaces, shared documents, and wikis.
  • Periodically, the group may "come together" using a virtual classroom or online meeting space to discuss their work products and engage in group discussions and tutorials.
In our self-contained (no mentor) virtual programs:
  • We leverage three main learning architectures as design frameworks:
    • Turn Taking: an event occurs and the learner responds, seeing the results of his or her actions; this process continues until a goal is achieved.
    • Observe and Critique: the learner observes the behavior of others (often via video), or reviews documents and critiques them, typically employing a rubric.
    • Investigate and Decide: the learner is presented with a complex decision to make; the learner must research appropriate background material to make and justify the decision.
  • Where applicable, expert answers are provided for comparison after the participant completes the work.
  • The use of media ranges from simple text and graphics to interactive video. While not all performance support materials must be captured on video, we have found that videos of experts sharing their expertise and real-life stories make a vivid and memorable impact on learners.

Check out an example case study of one of our virtual programs.

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