How to Write a Business Plan
Company Overview 

The Company Overview

The Company Overview provides a birds-eye view of your organization as it exists today and as you envision it existing in the future. Your goal is to summarize how all of the elements fit together into a cohesive business.

An Investor's Perspective
"I want to understand your business model so that I can assess how well your proposed idea fits in with the rest of your company."

A Potential Investor Wants to Know

  • What is the company's mission? For instance, a new restaurant might be trying to capture 15% of the local market share within the next two years.

  • Who is the customer base? A new restaurant might be looking to serve childless couples aged 25-45 in a particular neighborhood.

  • Where is the business located and where will it conduct business?

  • What stage has the company reached? (Is it at the seed stage? Is it an established business?)

  • What are the company's business goals? For example, a restaurant might want to earn $10,000 monthly profit.

What is a Company Overview and what's its purpose?
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