How to Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget
Course Introduction 


Welcome to "How to Start a Business on a Shoestring Budget." In this course, you'll learn how to take your business from concept to launch with a minimum of outside resources.

Moving Through the Course

You should move through the eight course sections in order. You can navigate by using the Next and Back buttons you will find on the bottom of each screen, or by using the links in the menu bar at the left.

Expert Advice

Throughout the course, four experts from the Small Business Administration will share their expertise and experiences through video clips. To get the most out of the course, take the time to view each of the clips.

Case Activities

At several points during the course, you will be asked to help fictional entrepreneurs make decisions as they launch their small businesses. There are no grades or scores—feel free to respond to the each entrepreneur's case honestly and explore the feedback you receive.

Let's get started by taking a closer look at what the course will cover.