Design a Winning Business Based on Your Idea
How this course works

Trump University courses employ the Learning by Doing approach to education. This means that instead of lecturing to you, this course will put you to work. Why? Because you remember what you experience much better than what you are told. So, it’s only natural that the best way to learn about entrepreneurship is to do entrepreneurship.

How Your Assignments Work

Each of your assignments consists of four steps. These steps correspond to a series of numbered buttons that you will see across the top of each assignment page.

Follow these steps in order to successfully complete your assignment. Listed below are each of the steps, along with an explanation of the sections that you may find underneath them.

Email: The email tells you which task you're expected to carry out, and it provides the information necessary for its completion. Oftentimes, it contains attachments that you should download and save to your desktop.

About this assignment: Gives you an overview of the task.

What's involved in...?: This section provides principles and techniques relevant to your assignment.

What do the experts have to say about...?: Here you will find instructional videos of Paul Wimer and other experts.

Step-by-step guide: This step-by-step walk-through is designed to assist you in carrying out your assignment.

Open assignment worksheet: This link opens a pop-up window which contains the worksheet in which you will record your answers to the assignment questions. You will submit the worksheet for peer review.

View and rate peers' work: This link opens a pop-up window in which you can read your peers' responses, rate them, and offer comments.

In this step you will upload your worksheet to save it to the system.

Read Expert Answer: In this section you will read Paul Wimer's comments about the assignment.

View and rate peers' work: This is another opportunity to read, rate, and comments on your peers' responses.

Open assignment worksheet: Here you can review your own answers.

Hear additional advice from experts: There may be more videos here relating your work in the assignment to the real world.

Take it to the real world: This important section provides more information about the subject, as well as advice about how to apply the lessons learned in the assignment to the real world.

Your toolbox: This section is where you'll access take-away tools such as forms, tables, and spreadsheets.

Customer and Technical Support

FAQ sheet
The online FAQs (frequently asked questions) will answer many of the questions you may have that are not related to course content. You can see them any time by clicking the Support/FAQ icon in the left navigation.

Technical help and support
If you have a technical support problem with the website, email the Help Desk at, or call Trump University Support at 1-877-50TRUMP (1-877-508-7867).

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