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Email from Susan

Susan Carlson
Getting started
Business Questionnaire
Newspaper Article
Hi there,

I’m pleased that we will be working together to start up a mobile dog grooming business. I’ve also thought about a name for the business—in keeping with my optimistic attitude and love of dog grooming, I’m calling it “Petopia.”

We need to start looking at the viability of this idea by analyzing the market and the competition. I have a long-time customer, Tom Blanchard, who works as a Business Opportunity Specialist at the Small Business Association. I think we can occasionally lean on Tom for help as I’ve been grooming his 10-year-old golden retriever since she was a puppy! Anyway, the last time he was in, he passed along a questionnaire they often use at the SBA. I started filling it out, but wonder if you could help me work through the rest of the questions. I think it will help us consider and document the specifics of our idea. I’ve attached the questionnaire with the answers I was able to get through.

I’m also attaching a newspaper article about mobile dog grooming that you might find interesting.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.



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