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Email from Susan

Susan Carlson
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Hi again,

Thanks so much for your help completing the business questionnaire. I think that we'll be looking to sell to people who want the convenience of mobile grooming and are willing to pay for a high-quality groom. Now we need to work on really understanding who these people are and start getting an idea of how many people we’re looking at.

Before I left Care n Clip I did a pretty big written survey of our customers—both the “in salon” customers and the outcalls we did. I have a lot of raw information about grooming customers, but I haven’t really known what to do with it.

On Tuesday, I was grooming Ellie (that’s Tom Blanchard’s Golden) and told him about our partnership. Tom said that he’d use SBA resources to pull some data that he thought we’d be interested in and also volunteered to take a look at my survey results. He sent back the data he mentioned and I started trying to organize it in a meaningful way. But I’m afraid I ran out of time to work on it. I’m hoping you can take a look at the attached Excel document and see if you can deduce something about how many customers we might have in Empire City.

Tom also summarized my survey data in what he calls “a way we might find useful.” He organized survey respondents according to two criteria we said were meaningful—the importance of price and the importance of convenience. When he did that, he was able to identify three main “clusters” or groups of respondents. For each of these groups, he summarized some of their other survey responses. It all looks terribly intriguing and should help us shed some light on our target market. I also found an article I saved from Groomer’s Quarterly that has some interesting information about grooming customers. Maybe you can help me out by summarizing this information.

Lastly, so what? What does it mean if we figure out that our likely customers are all 4’11” and speak Spanish at home? What does that mean for our plans for Petopia?

Thanks in advance for your help and insight,


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