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Step-by-step guide

Susan has given you quite a bit of information about dog grooming businesses in Empire City. In order to develop a clear view of the competitive landscape, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Begin by reading Susan's email: This will provide you with instructions and relevant documents that you will need to do your assignment.

  2. Download the attachments: You should download the attachments to Susan's email as they provide important background information and the tools you will need to complete your assignment. To download the attachments:

    • Right-click on the link in the e-mail and select "Save target as..." OR open the link and then save the document.

    • Save the document on your desktop or in a folder that you can easily access.

  3. Open Summary of Empire City Dog Grooming Businesses, which is an Excel workbook attached to Susan's email. In this workbook, Susan began to capture her impressions of the competition. Your job is to continue this analysis and complete the workbook, referring to the competitor advertisements attached to Susan's email.

  4. In the workbook, note the significant details about each competing business. Based on the information in the advertisements, describe the kind of customers each grooming business is targeting. You may need to refer back to the information you have about dog grooming customers. Think about what motivates different groups of customers to choose a grooming service and how competitors are meeting the needs of different groups of consumers.

  5. Proceed to the worksheet. Click on the link below in order to record your conclusions by answering the following questions:

    • Briefly describe the target market best served by each of Petopia’s competitors.

    • What benefits will Petopia offer a particular group of consumers that are not currently being offered by a competitor?

    • Describe any opportunity Petopia may have to pull customers away from another dog grooming service.

What Next: Click "What do the experts have to say about analyzing Petopia's competition?"

When you're done, click "Open assignment worksheet" to get started with your work.