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Email from Susan

Susan Carlson
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Hi there,

Thank you so much for your work on our competitive analysis. I shared your work with Tom and he thinks we’re well on our way to demonstrating the magnitude of this opportunity.

Which, of course, is why I’m writing again. I’m going to rely on you for a bit of number crunching. According to Tom, we next need to come up with some figures that represent both the number of consumers in our target market and the amount we expect they would be willing to spend on grooming services from Petopia. This means, of course, figuring out what we would charge for a groom. I’d like your opinion on that one—remember that we’ll be offering a high-quality service. We should also start thinking about revenues we might be able to generate by selling ancillary dog care products.

I’m attaching a number of the documents I sent you previously so that you have everything in one place. Remember that you should also review the advertisements I sent for Care N Clip, Fleaing Circus, Heads and Tails, Little Paw Playland, the Paw Wash, and Snips. You’ll probably also want to look back at the market analysis and competitive analysis documents that you’ve completed. In order to make this a really profitable business, I think we need to consider every possible way to increase our market opportunity. If your analysis turns up any possibilities for that, please do let me know.

Thanks, as always,


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