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Email from Susan

Susan Carlson
Petopia's operations
My Research Notes
Draft Operating Model
Hello again!

I shared our marketing plan with Tom and he thought it looked like something that would work for us. Have I mentioned that my sister is a graphic artist? She’s agreed to mock up a few logo samples for us to review. I’ll let you know when I receive something from her.

According to Tom, it’s time for us to start thinking about the financial details of Petopia’s operations. I sat down with Tom for a long time yesterday. He walked me through a template document to help me think about every possible detail of the operation of a mobile grooming van—from where we’ll store our supplies, to how we’ll pay our groomers. That conversation prompted me to do a lot of research about costs. I contacted several manufacturers and suppliers and got some specific price quotes. I’m attaching the notes from our conversation updated with the results of our research.

Next, Tom used that information to help me mock up a pro forma month-on-month cash flow analysis for Petopia’s first year of operations.  I’m also attaching that document. There are few areas I’d like your help with—I’ve highlighted these items in the workbook. I’d also really welcome your input on the approach we take to running the business. See what makes sense to you.

I expect to have about $5,000 to invest in the business during the first year. I’m assuming you can match that amount. I’m also assuming that we’ll need to borrow some money…but I don’t yet know how much we'll need or exactly where we’ll be able to borrow it. Once you get the model sorted out, could you take a look at that as well?



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