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Step-by-step guide

You’ll use the information Susan sent to complete the profit and loss statement for Petopia’s first year. In order to complete this assignment, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Begin by reading Susan's email: This will provide you with instructions and relevant documents that you will need to do your assignment.

  2. Download the attachments: You should download the attachments to Susan's email as they provide important background information and the tools you will need to complete your assignment. To download the attachments:

    • Right-click on the link in the e-mail and select "Save target as..." OR open the link and then save the document.

    • Save the document on your desktop or in a folder that you can easily access.

  3. Open the Operating Model, which is an Excel workbook attached to Susan's email.

  4. In the workbook:

    • Recommend appropriate assumptions for: price per groom, source of shampoo and conditioner, number of vans to operate each month and number of vans to add each month.

    • Using the notes provided by Susan, complete the fixed and variable expenses sections of the cash flow analysis by adding information as appropriate to the blue cells.

    • Review the entire operating model and, based on your vision for Petopia, make adjustments to optimize the model.

  5. Proceed to the worksheet: Click the "Open assignment worksheet" link above in order to record your conclusions by answering the following question:

    • What did you determine was a reasonable price for Petopia to charge for each groom? Why did you come to that conclusion?

    • What type of shampoo and conditioner did you decide Petopia should use? How does this reflect your business strategy?

    • What assumptions did you make about number of vans and which the days of the week you should operate? Why?

What Next: Click "What do the experts have to say about modeling Petopia's operations?"

When you're done, click "Open assignment worksheet" to get started with your work.