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We use our proven learn-by-doing philosophy and techniques to identify and address your performance gaps and develop and implement solutions to influence change.

Insightful Needs Analyses

Our proven needs analysis process provides key insights into your performance improvement needs.

Sophisticated Knowledge Management Services

Our Knowledge Management Services makes your corporate memory and knowledge capital easily accessible.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Our innovative technology solutions enhance the learning experience.

Engaging Hands-On Experiences

Our custom solutions focus on learn-by-doing activities to improved performance.

Case Studies & News

Socratic Arts Awarded DoD Contract to Train Cyber Attackers and Defenders >

Socratic Arts is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract from the US Department of Defense to improve DoD's capability and capacity to train cyber operators.

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Brandon Hall Group Gold Award >

Socratic Arts won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for excellence in the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology category for its innovative take on Observe & Critique™.

The Effective Elected >

Socratic Arts and Gingrich Productions collaborate to help newly elected state legislators hit the ground running.

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Dynamic Scene Adapter >

Socratic Arts' Dynamic Scene Adapter enhances the simulation experience for a Fortune 500 company - making it fun, realistic, and memorable!

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