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"Learning happens when someone wants to learn, not when someone wants to teach."
- Roger Schank, Ph.D.

Educational visionary Roger Schank is offering a free course in how to design great online courses. There will be two groups: first is for K-12 teachers, second will be for all others who are interested.

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Brandon Hall Group, Excellence in Technology Awards, Gold 2019

Socratic Arts' Cyber Academy, which trains novices for cybersecurity jobs using our unique Story-Centered, learn-by-doing pedagogy, has just won a 2019 Brandon Hall gold award for "Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology".

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So you want to put your course online

(Some wisdom from those who have gone before)

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A big opportunity

Could we stop pretending that kids will be harmed by having to learn from home during the virus and school shutdowns? This is actually a big opportunity if we relax our rigidity about education. All a teacher has to do is suggest that a kid produce something (anything) and help them when needed.

We need to stop demanding that kids learn what some government, or university committee, or ETS, or OECD, has decided that they must learn and let them learn what they want to learn. Teachers need to stop "teaching" and start helping kids achieve what they actually want to achieve. Teachers can encourage kids who want to learn the same thing to work together in teams. Imagine if school allowed you to learn what you'd always wanted to learn. How many would decide to learn the quadratic formula, or how to balance a chemical equation, or memorize a physics formula? Who would decide that they needed to read Silas Marner? Letting kids decide what to read and what to learn how to do happens all the time outside of school. Teachers need to stop being the ultimate authority and instead learn to mentor just in time (online) and stop testing.

Instead of online learning becoming a disaster, the virus could become the savior of education. Let's make this school shut down into a good thing.

- Dr. Roger Schank

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Dr. Roger Schank, CEO of Socratic Arts, on CNN

Cyber Security Training

Socratic Arts' Cyber Security training programs, originally developed for the DoD, are now available to military services, academic institutions, and employers. There are no boring lectures. Students learn by doing with help, advice, and feedback from our knowledgeable mentors.

Hear from a recent graduate of our Cyber Academy.

Learn more about our cyber security programs and how your institution can offer them.

Announcing Network map

Schank Academy offers mentored career training directly to individual users. Courses are running now, including a Cybersecurity course designed and developed by Socratic Arts for a contract with the US Department of Defense to improve the DoD's capability and capacity to train cyber operators.

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Teaching Key Coaching Skills

Learners Play the Leading Role in an Innovative Turn-Taking Simulation that Teaches Key Coaching Skills to Managers at a Fortune 100 Company.

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