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For more than 20 years Socratic Arts has helped global organizations onboard and upskill their people.

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The Socratic Arts Difference

Effective learning design.     Utmost professionalism.     Lasting impact.

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Proven approach backed by learning and cognitive science. Not just bright, shiny courses.

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Engaging custom-built designs for your people. Not fast, cheap, and easy - but ineffective.

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Technology to create meaningful learning experiences. Not simply to convey information.

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Focused on improving performance, changing behaviors, and shifting mindsets. Not just "telling" learners what they should know.

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Instruction just in time when it's helpful and memorable. Not instruction in case - when it's abstract, not yet relevant, hard to remember.

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Secret sauce that makes projects run smoothly. Managing multiple stakeholders and keeping focused on key learning.

Brandon Hall Group, Excellence in Technology Awards, Silver 2021

Socratic Arts' Dynamic Scene Adapter™ (DSA) tool has won a 2021 Excellence in Technology Silver award from the Brandon Hall Group in the "Best Advance in ILT Management and Delivery" category.

A client's frustration with existing tools led to the development of the Dynamic Scene Adapter, which is a cloud-based simulation engine in which learners play a role in an immersive and compelling story. The experiential learning scenario unfolds realistically, turn by turn, with immediate coaching and feedback that enables participants to see the impact of their decisions through meaningful metrics. The DSA also enables a differentiated experience for learners, based on their decisions, actions, and performance in the simulation.

Brandon Hall Group operates the largest and longest running awards program in Human Capital Management.

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