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Live, In Person ILT

A Dynamic Firmwide Orientation

An engaging, live, instructor-led event where new hires and returning employees learn about the firm through activities that focus on culture and connection, and they receive the information and tools they need to successfully launch their career.

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Virtual ILT

Environment, Social, & Governance (ESG) Sales Enablement

A two-hour, highly interactive vILT intended to prepare Controllership leaders for productive and meaningful conversations around Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) topics with client leaders.

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Digital & eLearning

Short, Mobile Courses for Busy Clinicians

Three ultra-short courses in which clinicians observe model physician / patient conversations and the target skills employed, and critique contrasting, imperfect conversations, comparing their own impressions with an expert’s. Learners see how different conversations impact patients.

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On demand

Cyber Operations Training for Novices

A mentored, web-based, 30-week curriculum in which learners play the role of an entry-level employee of a government cyber operations agency.

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Digital & eLearning

Ensuring Fresh Food and Excellent Customer Service

A 20-minute, digital, on-demand course with two tracks - one for crew and one for crew managers.

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Custom Interaction with Amazon Alexa

When Alexa was the new, cutting-edge AI technology, a client asked Socratic Arts to build an interactive Alexa kick-off speech to set the tone for a live learning program for Cyber Risk professionals.

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Digital & eLearning

Helping Doctors Deliver Serious News

A web-based, innovative and engaging course where learners play the role of a Communications Coach in a medical facility.

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Anti-Money Laundering Program

A blended approach for two courses in which online and in-person activities allow learners to "touch" the content in multiple ways over multiple occasions with online pre-work, in-person activities, and online refresher modalities.

Man in a suit going over details on a paper with a colleague


Helping Senior Leaders Adopt a Solutionist Mindset

A 7-month journey of growth that includes live programs and several months of independent work supported by a mentor.

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Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis for Global Law Firm

A needs analysis and firmwide skills framework for a first-ever, comprehensive, 6-year leadership and management curriculum for all associate levels.

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Facilitation Services for Global Risk and Finance Program

Socratic Arts has been providing live, in-person and virtual delivery support for a global training program for more than 5 years.

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Live, In Person ILT

Lively and Modern Immersive Simulation

A four-day, live, computer-hybrid simulation using the Socratic Arts award-winning Dynamic Scene Adapter™ (DSA) to provide a customized and engaging experience for learners and coaches.

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Digital & eLearning

Mobile-First Course for On-The-Go Leaders

A mobile-first course in which learners observe and critique scenes of Partner / Client interactions with a "better-to-best" comparative approach.

Tish Robinson

Digital & eLearning

Leadership & Team Conflict Transformation

A course optimized for mobile devices that uses observe and critique, modeling, and branching conversations around a series of authentic, cross-cultural dispute conversations.

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Live, In Person ILT

Cross-Functional Finance Manager Skills

A two-day, in-person, immersive experience in which learners analyze and solve multiple real-life case scenarios while building their internal collaborative network.

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Learning Journey for Global Law Firm

A leadership and management training learning journey/curriculum to help 1st-6th year associate attorneys excel as leaders at a global law firm.

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Live, In Person ILT

A Bold Program for New Consultants

A live, 2.5-day program with a space-themed immersive challenge that serves as a wrapper for the program. Skills-focused elective workshops supplement the skills learners practice. Gamified elements tie it all together.


Live, In Person ILT

Engaging Card Game Focused on Creating Senior Leader Discussion

An innovative card game focused on generating discussion among senior leaders related to experiences & actions needed to create client impact.

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Live, In Person ILT

Multiyear Onboarding Program

An engaging, blended, 2-year, fully integrated, continuous learning experience where learners practice and acquire real-world skills through a wide variety of learning modalities.

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Virtual ILT

Bootcamp Journey for New Cyber Cloud Practitioners

A months-long journey for new cyber cloud hires that provides experience and exposure to the many cloud security tools offered to clients.

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Curriculum Analysis

Curriculum Analysis for Global Law Firm

A curriculum analysis for the firm’s Capital Markets practice.

Two leaners at a table looking to something, one turning in her chair to do so.

Talent on Demand

Upskill Professionals to Deliver on New Strategic Initiative

Socratic Arts provided learning professionals to act as essential members of the Learning & Delivery team.


Digital & eLearning

Merger Management Simulation

A three-part series of eLearning courses in which learners play the role of Integration Leader in a corporate merger between two fictional companies.

Woman standing in a production facility

Digital & eLearning

Change Control for Food Safety & Quality

A digital learning program where learners consider a range of questions from fictional personnel in grey-territory situations and decide whether to initiate change control or whether sufficient steps have been taken.

Diverse women talking at a table

Live, In Person ILT

Leading Successful Multidisciplinary and Inclusive Teams

A three-hour program with a mix of games, discussion, simulation, and reflection in which learners are immersed in team lead and team member roles where they explore challenges to, and best practices for, leading inclusive, successful teams.

Hand holding a computer mouse on a desk

Virtual ILT

Creating Winning Proposals

A conversion of an 8-hour live program to a 3-hour vILT that gives participants confidence in proposal creation through hands-on practice creating messaging and a storyboard for a client-centric proposal and exploration of available tools.

Woman giving a presentation in an office building

Live, In Person ILT

Cross Functional Risk Assessment

A two-day, in-person, immersive experience in which learners analyze and solve multiple real-life case scenarios while building their internal collaborative network.

Two people working together at a desk

Digital & eLearning

Effective Coaching for Managers

An on-demand, video-based course where learners engage in a series of authentic coaching conversations, using a mix of observe and critique and branching conversation activities, and reflect on how to create a coaching culture on their engagements.

People working over a busy workspace

Live, In Person ILT

Orientation to Life as a Senior Manager

A 2.5-day, immersive experience – live or Zoom – in which learners experience firsthand what it’s like to be a Senior Manager.

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Live, In Person ILT

Global Needs Analysis for Improving Growth and Retention of Senior Women Leaders

Socratic Arts conducted interviews and focus groups with 88 practitioners – both men and women - across all tenure levels and regions.

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Virtual ILT

Cyber & Strategic Risk Boot Camps

A portfolio of nine 2-5-day virtual instructor led (vILT) technical boot camps, featuring learn-by-doing workshops, immersive case studies, and social events.

Woman sitting at a desk working on a laptop with a cup of coffee next to her.

Talent on Demand

Staff Augmentation for Live Analyst Milestone Program

A Socratic Arts learning professional joined the client's in-house learning team to support creation of an in-person milestone experience for junior practitioners with differentiated learning tracks.

Person standing up and smiling, holding a marker, in front of a white board.

Virtual ILT

Coaching Skills for Managers

A lively, customizable 2-hour vILT (or live) session with a menu of activities facilitators tailor to the participants’ backgrounds and experience levels.

People sitting in a circle in a relaxed environment having a lively discussion.

Live, In Person ILT

Building the "Advisory" Side of Client Relationships

Participants learn relationship management tools and successful meeting techniques, and then apply these skills as they work in teams to conduct an analysis of a client’s current situation; develop recommended strategic alternatives; and present their recommendation to the client.

Person in front of a group of other people with a tablet, leading a meeting.


Staff Augmentation for Agile Design & Development

Socratic Arts learning professionals joined the client's in-house learning team to lead a complex Agile project.

Glass walls in an office buiding.

Virtual ILT

Developing Executive Presence

A 1-hour vILT workshop for senior associates that provides practical strategies for embodying executive presence.

Man highlighting details on printed paper during a presentation

Digital & eLearning

Digital Performance Support for Global Law Firm

A leadership & management training learning journey developed to help 1st - 6th year associate attorneys excel as leaders at a global law firm.

Woman with a stoic, focused look on her face having a conversation

Virtual ILT

Handling Difficult Conversations

A 1-hour vILT workshop for mid-level associates at a global law firm that provides practical strategies for handling difficult conversations in a variety of contexts.

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Virtual ILT

Strategic Pricing Workshop

A 3-hour vILT, delivered in two sessions, providing hands-on experience pricing, structuring, and negotiating winning deals using alternative deal structures.

Person on a video conferencing call

Virtual ILT

Fun and Engaging Virtual Summit

A 5-day summit where one year associates do hands-on project work across the three primary workstreams new associates typically work on, with guidance from peers and coaches.

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Virtual ILT

Focusing on Living Firm Values

Eight virtual sessions where learners are immersed in a variety of activities and learning configurations (full group, teams, pairs, individuals) to learn about, discuss, practice, and commit to living the new firm values every day.

Glass skyscraper

Live, In Person ILT

A Fresh Approach to an SC Milestone

A live, 2.5-day milestone program for Senior Consultants that prioritized reflection, discussion, and planning for the future over immersive simulation.

Railroad tracks

Live, In Person ILT

Anatomy of a QRM Train Wreck

An engaging, half-day course where participants conduct a post-mortem on a failing project and derive key lessons for the future.

Three people working together at a table

Live, In Person ILT

Being Inclusion Conscious

A 2.5-hour facilitated program focused on simple, tactical, inclusive behaviors for participants to implement right away that create belonging, uncover potential bias, and ensure a more inclusive environment for themselves and their teams.

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Virtual ILT

Building Conversational Competency

A two-part, virtual, instructor-led program focused on how and why environmental, social, and governance forces impact business.

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Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design for a Modern Learning Journey

To tease out details and specifics of their needs, Socratic Arts reviewed and analyzed focus group data and conducted site visits to garner first-hand data and information.

Screen showing data: numbers and graphs

Live, In Person ILT

Conduct Platform Company Walkthroughs

A pre-work animated explainer video followed by a live, one-day, instructor-led training in which participants learn about platform companies.

Person showing another person how to do something on a computer

Digital & eLearning

Connecting Teams with New Hires

Self-paced, digital pages focused on a 30,000-foot view of 12 teams across the company that inform new hires about each team’s main objectives and how to get involved with those teams.

Mountain at night with a time lapse streak of headlights along the road.


Customized Learning Journey

A comprehensive, year-long program tailored to help new Senior Consultants transition to their new role.

Two people at a computer analyzing code for data analysis

On demand

Data Analytics Academy

An online, comprehensive, 40-week, project-based, learning-by-doing certificate program in Data Analytics/Data Science.

Two people working together at a desk with a computer

Virtual ILT

Due Diligence & Funds Flow Workshops

Four 60-90-minute virtual instructor led (vILT) technical workshops in which learners apply their technical knowledge to realistic project scenarios.

Digital representation of the matrix

Live, In Person ILT

Fundamental Skills Practice for New Business Technology Analysts

A 5.5-day live simulation of a client engagement that provides balanced practice in professionalism, core consulting skills, communication, and giving presentations to executives.

Solar panels and windmills

On demand

Guiding Effective M&A Journeys

A 2.5-hour program where learners explore a global organization’s M&A journey, discovering how to respond effectively to real-world client concerns.

Man sitting despondantly while being asked questions

Digital & eLearning

Helping Client Managers Understand the Impact of Mental Health in the Workplace

A 15-minute, self-paced course that serves as a starting point and tool to facilitate discussion and provide shared language for managers and their fellow leaders as they consider the impact of mental health in the workplace.


Virtual ILT

Helping Experienced Professionals Tackle Complex Engagements

A 2.5-hour virtual session where learners receive, and practice using, the tools and different methods they need to execute complex tasks.

Three people listening to a presentation

Digital & eLearning

Helping Managers Delegate Work

Two 30-minute, on-demand, self-paced, eLearning courses in which learners follow a fictional firm manager as he delegates tasks to his two reports and then manages the work.

Woman on a video conferencing call

Virtual ILT

High-Engagement, High-Impact Skills Training

A suite of four highly interactive, story-rich, 60-minute vILTs aimed at new and recent hires. Courses are designed to reinforce best practices in core skill areas, including communication, hybrid teaming, engagement economics, and soliciting and receiving feedback.

Person working alone on a tablet while other people work nearby

Live, In Person ILT

Immersive Sim for Tax Senior Associates

A 1.5 day, in-person, immersive training program that engages participants in the full range of processes and strategies Senior Associates lead when completing a corporate tax return. Activities maximize retention and recall.

Woman with a smile on her face reading over a message

Live, In Person ILT

Inclusion Experience

A 3.5-hour program for participants to explore their unique identities, as well as watch, discuss, and workshop two common scenarios for lack-of-inclusion moments.

Person working on a laptop

On demand

Internal Control Issues, Restatements, and Corporate Governance

A 5-7-hour, self-paced, eLearning course with pre- and post-tests that includes real cases and expert mentors who guide learners through analysis of the internal controls and corporate governance environment in several companies to spot risk.

Two people meeting at a desk

Live, In Person ILT

Leading Successful Data Analytics Engagements

Live instructor-led (ILT) and eLearning versions in which participants perform an after-action review of a data-analytics engagement gone wrong by analyzing key documents and watching videos of engagement meetings.

Group of young people smiling, posing for a picture


Needs Analysis for Grads and Manager Learning Journey

Based on research findings, build a skills continuum to inform a learning journey for all new grad employees to be successful in their first year and provide recommendations to improve future onboarding.

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Virtual ILT

Operational Risk Assessment - Advanced

A 7.5-hour virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) program where a team of facilitators guide learners through an entire operational risk assessment for a fictional client, using a series of hands-on tasks.

Person sharing something on their phone with another person

Virtual ILT

Personal Conduct Investigation Process

A half-day vILT with a real-world case study in which learners observe and role play various steps in the new process to gain exposure to it and their role within it; practice the more challenging skills needed to implement it properly; and serve as champions of it moving forward.

Two people with safety glasses on assembling something

Live, In Person ILT

Preparing Supervisors to Teach Targeted Behaviors

Two-day workshop that immerses Frontline Supervisors (FLS) of manufacturing companies and Site Leaders & Ops Excellence coaches (SL) in a rich story where they have to own the change around using Lean Operations best practices to drive performance against organizational KPIs.

Person walking with a leather briefcase

Live, In Person ILT

Prioritizing Quality and Delivery Excellence

A 1.5 day, in-person learning program comprised of four sessions in which participants explore ways to drive delivery excellence across various types of engagements.


On demand

Simulated Conversations to Improve Negotiation Skills

An eLearning series where associates are immersed in a realistic, learn-by-doing experience where they must make negotiation decisions and watch consequences play out as they move through four simulated conversations.

People taking notes with pen and paper

Live, In Person ILT

Solution Leader Summit

A live, 3-day program in which GMs address their current challenges; anticipate future growth challenges; reflect on their own operating model; develop and pressure-test a 180-day action plan; and network with peers.

Busy city street

Digital & eLearning

Teaching the Importance of Confidentiality to All New Hires

A 30-minute, on-demand program that introduces the importance of confidentiality and protecting confidential information.

Young people sitting around generating ideas

Virtual ILT

The Idea Workshop for Exploring Entrepreneurship

A two-week, learn-by-doing exploration of entrepreneurship offered through the University of California at Davis.

People working together at a desk

Live, In Person ILT

Unlock Your Future in Cyber Risk Services

An engaging, 2-day, modular instructor-led training (ILT) program based on immersive case studies where learners apply the capabilities and services the practice provides for clients.

Looking up at a skyscraper in black and white

Virtual ILT

Using Proactive, Collaborative Selling to Expand Client Opportunities

An 80-minute, case-based, virtual instructor-led training (vILT) program focused on enhancing the skills of partner-level practitioners.

Person on a video conferencing call

Virtual ILT

Virtual Onboarding for New Hires

An immersive, two-week virtual program in which learners get hands-on practice with valuation strategies, processes, and leading practices across the breadth of the company’s engagements and solutions.

Capitol building

Digital & eLearning

Workshop for Freshman Legislators

A flexible workshop that can be delivered in person or online that guides learners through a step-wise process for defining goals and developing detailed plans using video-based expert advice and just-in-time assistance.

Laptop showing graphs and other data on a dashboard

Digital & eLearning

Risk Assessment Basics Course

A scenario-driven, scored, digital learning game in which learners play the role of a professional staffed on a Risk Assessment engagement for a financial institution.

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