What We Do

Socratic Arts is a learning design services firm. Since 2001 we've been creating science-based learning that improves performance for individuals and their organizations. We serve global and smaller companies, government agencies, schools, and universities.

Our clients' learning needs vary from onboarding and promotion readiness to soft skills and highly technical expertise. We've designed innovative learning solutions for interns through partners – and every level in between. We also conduct needs and course analyses, and help our clients plan multi-year learning journeys.

Whether you need in-person, virtual, digital-on-demand, or blended learning programs, we can co-create a solution to meet your organization's unique requirements.

Our Design Philosophy and Approach

We're passionate about engaging and effective learning design that creates a lasting impact. Our central focus is on improving performance, changing behaviors, and shifting learner mindsets.

No one can match our expertise and proven approach to learning. Our designs are backed by learning and cognitive science research, and continue the legacy of our founder, AI and learning sciences-pioneer Roger Schank. To engage learners and enhance skill retention, we create solutions rooted in learning-by-doing in authentic scenarios, providing instruction just-in-time, and using stories to contextualize concepts.

Our Commitment to Partnership

We strive to develop trusted relationships with our clients. Employing a human-centered design approach ensures that we fully understand the learners and their work context. We team tightly with our clients' subject matter resources and learning leaders throughout the design and development process to ensure the final course, program, or journey meets the learners' needs and is perfectly aligned with the organization's goals.

Socratic Arts, Inc.

Science-based learning that improves performance.

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