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A new course to raise employee awareness of cybercriminal tactics and protect your company.

Employees falling prey to phishing scams is the leading cause of corporate cyberattacks.

Employees who know how to spot and avoid cyberattacks can prevent data breaches that cost companies an average of $9.4M.

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In this course, your employees will experience hands-on, practical training with real-world scenarios, including:

  • Identifying phishing emails and detecting security risks in everyday surroundings.
  • Transforming their mindset to think like a hacker, which elevates their security awareness to proactively spot vulnerabilities.
  • Recognizing advanced ways attackers circumvent advanced security techniques using psychology.
  • Taking appropriate actions when they suspect they've been phished.
  • Analyzing their own digital presence and locking down their online footprint.

What makes this course different from the others?

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It's science-based.

Meaning it's designed in a way that matches how our brains work, making it easier and more enjoyable for learning.

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It's about more than phishing.

It imparts a comprehensive understanding of how a complex attack against an organization might play out and how it could be stopped at every stage.

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It focuses on advanced tactics.

It emphasizes sophisticated methods of social engineering to help learners notice discrepancies from the ordinary that may have security implications.

About this course

This course provides an individualized and impactful experience tailored to each learner. Learners will:


Learn at their own pace

The self-paced, digital course contains short, hands-on practice activities that can be completed at any pace.


Maximize time spent

The five online activities can be completed in under 60 minutes - all at once or in multiple sittings.


Build knowledge in a logical sequence

Each activity builds on prior learning.


Uncover their own internet vulnerabilities

Learners complete an open-source intelligence search on themselves to learn about security weaknesses.


Protect themselves and the company

Learners will be able to confidently lock down their online footprint.


Get help when needed

Activity help and learning resources are available 24/7.

Individual enrollment is also available.


Halt-a-Hack gave me a better idea of what attackers are looking for and what information can make me vulnerable to an attack online.

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