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Conflict is normal. We can teach you how to calm it.

Leadership and Team Conflict Transformation is a self-paced, online course for managers who want to learn how to facilitate conversations between team members who are in conflict in a way that calms emotions, teases out underlying issues, and empowers them to find a mutually agreeable and sustainable solution.

While the skills and techniques taught are designed for workplace environments, they are equally useful at home, school, or anywhere else people end up in conflict. Which is, well, everywhere.

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Course Activities Provide Hands-On Practice

This immersive course provides many opportunities to apply the skills and techniques that support each of the Seven Goals of Conflict-Calming Conversations.


Critique how a manager facilitates a conflict-calming conversation

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Apply what you learn to a set of 'what if' situations

Chat bubbles

Step into the role of manager to facilitate a conversation between colleagues

World-Class Conflict Transformation Experts
Provide Insights & Guidance Along the Way

Throughout the course, you can access a library of video tips from conflict transformation experts to ensure you leave the course ready to successfully apply the goals to conflicts you face in all aspects of your life.

Tish Robinson

About the Course:

  • Developed in partnership between Socratic Arts and Dr. Tish Robinson, renowned conflict transformation and professor at Hitotsubashi University of Business in Tokyo, Japan
  • Optimized for viewing on both laptops and smart phones
  • May be completed in 2-4 hours
  • Includes dozens of Performance Support documents to support learning and practice after the course. (Downloadable takeaway PDFs)
Course Overview   Enroll Now for $99   Contact Us

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