Socratic Arts offers a range of custom instructional design services backed by cognitive and learning science to maximize your team's performance. From virtual and in-person training to simulations and gamification, our tailored solutions meet your learners' unique needs and exceed their expectations.

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Live, In-Person ILT

Engage learners with interactive, in-person training ranging from workshops to multi-day simulations.

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Virtual ILT

Deliver effective training to your remote team with our virtual instructor-led training.

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Digital & eLearning

Empower your team with flexible, custom eLearning solutions. 

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Immerse learners in real-world scenarios for hands-on training experiences.

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AR/VR & Emerging Tech

Take training to the next level with cutting-edge tech such as augmented and virtual reality.

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Video Production

Deliver high-quality content with our professional video production services. 

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Blended Learning

Flex to your learners’ needs with blended solutions that combine online and in-person training.

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Learning Journeys

Chart a customized learning path for your employees to maximize their potential.

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Needs & Curriculum Analyses

Identify knowledge & curriculum gaps and create a comprehensive training plan with our needs and curriculum analysis services. 

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Facilitation Services

Enhance program delivery with our expert facilitation services.

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Technology Solutions

We offer a range of technology solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Each solution can be delivered as part of any type of learning program (in-person, virtual, or blended) and each can be used on their own or combined to provide a robust and immersive learning experience. Our goal is to create the right and best solution for you.


Dynamic Scene Adapter™

The Dynamic Scene Adapter™ is our award-winning, cloud-based simulation engine in which learners play a role in an immersive and compelling story. The experiential learning scenario unfolds realistically, turn by turn, with immediate coaching and feedback that enables participants to see the impact of their decisions through meaningful metrics. The DSA also enables a differentiated experience for learners, based on their decisions, actions, and performance in the simulation.

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Test Your Intuition™

Test Your Intuition™ is a learning technology in which learners watch a challenging video situation and use their intuition to answer questions about the scenario. Learners provide feedback at pre-determined moments where the video stops and requires the learner to provide input. Afterwards, learners compare their comments to those of an expert.

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Observe & Critique™

Learners using our Observe & Critique™ technology watch a video scenario of a flawed conversation (similar to Test You Intuition™) and provide feedback on how the primary character handled the situation. In Observe & Critique™ learners choose the points at which to pause the video and provide input. Afterwards, learners compare their comments to those of an expert.

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Goal-Based Scenario Tool™

The Goal-Based Scenario Tool™ (GBS) is our proprietary course authoring tool that allows non-programmers to develop rich, interactive courses.

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ExTRA™ (Experts Telling Relevant Advice) is a knowledge management system that stores and retrieves digitally recorded stories told by a firm's experts. ExTRA has one goal: to help a user make the right decision by delivering the perfect insight at the exact moment it's needed.

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