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We have a customizable course-building tool and a proprietary AI workspace.

Socratic Build

Our digital course-building tool

Socratic BUILD can be used to create multiple course types, including simulations, branching storylines, metrics-driven courses, and more. It has dozens of ready-made interaction types, and custom interactions and features can be built to suit.

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Socratic AI

Our Gen AI workspace

Socratic AI helps us accelerate content design and development in a secure environment. It enables rapid prototyping and reduces demand on SME time.

We can leverage client source content to generate new instructional material while keeping client proprietary information confidential.

We offer a range of technology solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Each solution can be delivered as part of any type of learning program (in-person, virtual, or blended) and each can be used on their own or combined to provide a robust and immersive learning experience. Our goal is to create the right and best solution for you.


Dynamic Scene Adapter™

The Dynamic Scene Adapter™ is our award-winning, cloud-based simulation engine in which learners play a role in an immersive and compelling story. The experiential learning scenario unfolds realistically, turn by turn, with immediate coaching and feedback that enables participants to see the impact of their decisions through meaningful metrics. The DSA also enables a differentiated experience for learners, based on their decisions, actions, and performance in the simulation.

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Test Your Intuition™

Test Your Intuition™ is a learning technology in which learners watch a challenging video situation and use their intuition to answer questions about the scenario. Learners provide feedback at pre-determined moments where the video stops and requires the learner to provide input. Afterwards, learners compare their comments to those of an expert.

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Observe & Critique™

Learners using our Observe & Critique™ technology watch a video scenario of a flawed conversation (similar to Test You Intuition™) and provide feedback on how the primary character handled the situation. In Observe & Critique™ learners choose the points at which to pause the video and provide input. Afterwards, learners compare their comments to those of an expert.

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