We believe 2024 will usher in an era of ubiquitous AI use across all industries.

We are moving quickly, but thoughtfully, to evaluate & adopt appropriate new technologies so we can continue to best support our clients.

We see many advantages in using AI in learning design

And we continue to evaluate new tools & test new functionality for our clients - all to determine where to partner with others and what to add to our own toolset.

How we're using AI

Increased Efficiency

We seek to be more efficient through:

  • AI-assisted analysis of documents & data
  • AI-assisted course design
  • AI-generated drafts of course content
  • AI-generated digital artwork & photos
  • AI-generated audio & video
  • Semi-automatic PDF-to-course generation

Faster Development

  • We seek to use a more agile development process by using AI-based placeholder assets prior to & while working with SMEs and other stakeholders
How we're using AI

Additional Features

We can add learning-by-doing features that were impossible before, such as:

  • Real-time semi-Socratic dialogues with learners
  • Real-time evaluation and feedback for learner submissions
  • Virtual simulations with multiple agents and real-time conversation
  • AI-generated audio and video
  • SCORM-compatible AI-generated simulations

We offer cutting-edge AI services

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AI-ENABLED learning experiences, including:

  • Real-time Socratic dialogues with learners.
  • Real-time evaluation and feedback of learner submissions.
  • Virtual simulations with multiple agents and real-time conversation.
  • Real-time embedded audio and video, including realistic avatar videos.
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AI-SECURE gateway for your documents and data:

  • By default, data sent to AI companies is not secure because it's used to train their models.
  • Our secure gateway provides hosted access to OpenAI services where data is not stored or used for training their models, which enables secure AI access to company proprietary information for performance support and other applications
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AI-SUPPORTED course design and development:

  • Accelerated course design and development, including complex branching simulations.
  • SCORM package deployment behind a client firewall's with no real-time AI dependencies.
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  • Advisory services on the feasibility of AI applications.
  • Needs analysis to uncover possible new applications of AI.
  • Prompt engineering and software development to create custom applications.
  • Employee training on the use of AI tools and prompt engineering.

We are the only learning design services firm with decades of experience in both cognitive and computer science, including AI

This puts us in a unique position as a trusted advisor and partner for AI-assisted development projects.

Greg Saunders blue circle

Greg Saunders, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (The Ohio State University 1994)
  • Studied neural networks under Jordan Pollack. These much smaller networks are a precursor to today's LLMs
  • Research focused on evolution of communication between autonomous neural agents
  • Was a Research Assistant Professor at ILS at Northwestern University and developed tools to turn educational theories into learning-by-doing simulations
  • Has been using AI, cognitive science & learning sciences insights & methodologies to design and build digital learning programs for 25 years
Tammy Berman purple circle

Tammy Berman, Ph.D.

Sr. VP of Design

  • Expert in the design of learning-by-doing and Story-Centered learning programs
  • Oversees and leads projects focused on performance improvement for corporations, government, and non-profit organizations
  • Co-author of several articles and book chapters on the design of goal-based scenario learning environments
  • Senior designer for several university-level online degree programs
  • Studied and researched under the guidance of Roger Schank, Ph.D.
  • Ph.D. in The Learning Sciences, Northwestern University
Wesley Hall Parker green circle

Wesley Hall Parker

VP of Design Services

  • 23 years of experience designing award-winning, performance-driven learning solutions and games
  • Experiments with practical applications of Gen AI to accelerate design and development
  • Identifies AI-enabled features to integrate into learning programs
  • Develops and facilitates workshops & conference sessions on effectively leveraging Gen AI in learning design
  • Expertise in user-centered design, focusing on story-centered, emotionally engaging experiences across diverse modalities, media, and audiences
  • M.A. in Literature, Stanford University

Our Roots

Roger Schank, Ph.D.

Founder | 2002-2023

  • Renowned pioneer in AI and cognitive science; led The Artificial Intelligence Project at Yale University from 1977 - 1989
  • His theory of Dynamic Memory (1982, 1999) underpins our work and inspired modern theories of Cognitive Science
  • Founded the Institute for the Learning Sciences (ILS) at Northwestern in 1989
  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, UT Austin 1974

Ray Bareiss, Ph.D.

Executive VP | 2012-2024

  • Career research and work focused on machine learning and AI, the learning sciences, learning technology, and recently the use of LLMs to support learning design, development, and learner support
  • Director of the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University (1990-1998)
  • Founding faculty at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley (2002-2012)
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, UT Austin 1988

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