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Socratic Arts is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract from the US Department of Defense to improve DoD's capability and capacity to train cyber operators. Current cyber training capabilities use a traditional learning model and does not scale cost effectively to meet the high demand for skilled people. These training capabilities rely solely on an instructor-led platform limiting the ability to provide the required cyber training across the DoD. This model is an unacceptable bottleneck, and an alternative capability is required for cyber training.

Socratic Arts will build a 100% online, project-based, mentored training course. Students will play an authentic role and will produce work products. Some work will be individual and other work will be team based. Students will also have access to knowledgeable human mentors who can provide help and advice and feedback on their work.

Cyber security work demands a mastery-based approach. "Almost secure" is insecure. Students will have to redo their work until it satisfies their expert mentors. Some students will go slower and may need more mentoring. All will be measured by performance, not speed. The deliverables and the interactions with mentors provide in-depth high-quality assessment of skills, aptitude, and continued motivation.

The cyber operations landscape is constantly changing. Tomorrow's attacks will not be the same as today's. A key aspect of this program must be reasoning from first principles and invention. There is an innovation aspect to cyber operations that is critical for any program that purports to train competent entrants into the field. To be adequately equipped to innovate, students must learn a number of foundational technical skills, involving operating systems, computer networks, applications code, communications systems, non-traditional computing devices, tools, and techniques for cyber offense and defense.

Beyond technical skills, students cannot defend or attack successfully until they understand the psychological, sociological, and ethnographic characteristics of their adversaries. Students will be put in situations where they must figure out who people are, why they are doing what they are doing, and then use that knowledge to combat attacks and seek vulnerabilities. These softer skills will be emphasized throughout the program.

Socratic Arts' unique Story-Centered Curriculum approach will improve learning outcomes - specifically the acquisition of knowledge and skills to be used rather than facts to be memorized - and will provide a scalable solution for training large, geographically-dispersed cohorts of students.

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