Blended Learning

Sometimes you need a learning solution that draws on the best features of different modalities.

Combining the high degree of interactivity that defines our live courses with our industry-leading understanding of digital learning tools, Socratic Arts develops blended live and virtual courses that engage participants through our innovative Story-Centered Curriculum approach.

We also take live, virtual, and digital on-demand training and add other elements such as scoring metrics, games, videos, fictional work environments, and more to create a compelling learning experience that exceeds the expectations of your learners.

This approach focuses on collaboration: participants work in teams, providing coaches with the opportunity to deliver focused and high-quality feedback. By combining the best aspects of classroom learning with the myriad advantages afforded by modern technology, Socratic Arts' blending learning programs help participants truly master workplace-ready skills.

Case Studies

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Anti-Money Laundering Program

A blended approach for two courses in which online and in-person activities allow learners to "touch" the content in multiple ways over multiple occasions with online pre-work, in-person activities, and online refresher modalities.

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Live, In Person ILT

Multiyear Onboarding Program

An engaging, blended, 2-year, fully integrated, continuous learning experience where learners practice and acquire real-world skills through a wide variety of learning modalities.

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Live, In Person ILT

Orientation to Life as a Senior Manager

A 2.5-day, immersive experience – live or Zoom – in which learners experience firsthand what it’s like to be a Senior Manager.

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