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Led by the same team of experts that first innovated e-learning technology at The Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, we specialize in the production of custom performance improvement solutions across a variety of platforms.

Many people think of eLearning or digital on-demand training as a lot of reading, watching videos, and quizzes. As with all our solutions, we believe learning-by-doing in a story-centered context is the best approach to changing behaviors and learning new skills.

Our customized training programs leverage our vast experience in Artificial Intelligence and web-based technology to deliver exceptional digital learning experiences. Whether instructor-led or self-contained (with no instructor), our custom eLearning and digital on-demand programs keep participants active and highly engaged throughout the online experience.

We have the flexibility to build the custom solution you need. For years, we've refused to be limited by the constraints of existing technology – so we have our own in-house web-based technology solutions that we can customize for your required feature set. We also know your IT department needs your programs to be secure, so we can deliver solutions at SCORM packages that can live on your organization's server and work with your LMS.

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Case Studies

Doctor sitting in his office looking at a course

Digital & eLearning

Short, Mobile Courses for Busy Clinicians

Three ultra-short courses in which clinicians observe model physician / patient conversations and the target skills employed, and critique contrasting, imperfect conversations, comparing their own impressions with an expert’s. Learners see how different conversations impact patients.

Tish Robinson

Digital & eLearning

Leadership & Team Conflict Transformation

A course optimized for mobile devices that uses observe and critique, modeling, and branching conversations around a series of authentic, cross-cultural dispute conversations.

Two people working together at a desk

Digital & eLearning

Effective Coaching for Managers

An on-demand, video-based course where learners engage in a series of authentic coaching conversations, using a mix of observe and critique and branching conversation activities, and reflect on how to create a coaching culture on their engagements.

Laptop showing graphs and other data on a dashboard

Digital & eLearning

Risk Assessment Basics Course

A scenario-driven, scored, digital learning game in which learners play the role of a professional staffed on a Risk Assessment engagement for a financial institution.

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