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Our Observe & Critique™ technology is a 2015 Brandon Hall Gold Winner for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology.

Observe & Critique™ scenarios introduce learners to a main character and situation. Learners watch a video of the main character having a flawed conversation/interaction with another person, often a client, manager, or subordinate. The interaction is usually one the learner has as a part of their current job or the job they are preparing to take on.

Participants have the power to stop the video at any time to provide comments on what they are seeing. At the end of the scene, the learner comments on what they feel the main character did well and not so well, and why.

After submitting their comments, learners can compare their thoughts to an expert's. Having expert feedback gives learners the feeling of having a trusted and more senior colleague providing them advice. To conclude the learning, some programs have a second version of the same conversation that shows the main character having an exemplar conversation. By modeling a positive conversation, learners can see how the main character's actions can drastically change the outcome of the conversation.

User can pause video and comment on what they are seeing at different points. Their observations will be compared to an expert's afterwards.

Case Studies

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Digital & eLearning

Mobile-First Course for On-The-Go Leaders

A mobile-first course in which learners observe and critique scenes of Partner / Client interactions with a "better-to-best" comparative approach.

CIP Mystery + a fingerprint

Live, In Person ILT

Cross-Functional Finance Manager Skills

A two-day, in-person, immersive experience in which learners analyze and solve multiple real-life case scenarios while building their internal collaborative network.

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