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Stories are powerful, memorable. We learn and change through stories.

Socratic Arts innovated an approach to learning known as the "Story-Centered Curriculum." Through our Story-Centered approach, participants learn by doing authentic, motivating tasks in the context of solving real-world problems that are relevant to their job roles.

Our Simulations or Story-Centered Courses:

  • Immerse participants in an engaging story that sparks their interest and motivates them to learn
  • Provide relevant, memorable, hands-on experiences in which the participant plays a key role in the story
  • Provide opportunities for your experienced practitioners to share stories from the field, making the experience personal to your organization

The Story-Centered Curriculum (SCC) method is the single most effective way for employees to gain skills that will prove valuable in the workplace. By placing participants in real-world scenarios, they learn how to apply their new skills to the workplace.

Case Studies

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On demand

Cyber Operations Training for Novices

A mentored, web-based, 30-week curriculum in which learners play the role of an entry-level employee of a government cyber operations agency.

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Live, In Person ILT

A Bold Program for New Consultants

A live, 2.5-day program with a space-themed immersive challenge that serves as a wrapper for the program. Skills-focused elective workshops supplement the skills learners practice. Gamified elements tie it all together.

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