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Test Your Intuition™

In Test Your Intuition™ scenarios, key points in the conversation are identified in advance by the learning team. The video automatically stops at these points and requires the learner to provide input. After the scene ends, learners compare their comments to those of an expert. The goal of these types of scenarios is to help learners realize where they have gaps in their understanding.

Video automatically pauses at set times to get user input on what they would do next.

Case Studies

Doctor showing a patient details on a clipboard

Digital & eLearning

Helping Doctors Deliver Serious News

A web-based, innovative and engaging course where learners play the role of a Communications Coach in a medical facility.


Digital & eLearning

Merger Management Simulation

A three-part series of eLearning courses in which learners play the role of Integration Leader in a corporate merger between two fictional companies.

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