Video Production

Our video production services create high-quality, engaging content for your training programs. Our instructional design experts work with you to understand your objectives and target audience, then we bring in our expert video partners to develops a customized video solution.

Whether it's a live-action video (fictional or explanatory), an animated explainer video, a motion-graphics and stock footage nano-learning, or a combination, we produce content that is visually compelling to add engagement to your learning solutions.

Case Studies

Hands on a laptop keyboard

On demand

Cyber Operations Training for Novices

A mentored, web-based, 30-week curriculum in which learners play the role of an entry-level employee of a government cyber operations agency.

Doctor showing a patient details on a clipboard

Digital & eLearning

Helping Doctors Deliver Serious News

A web-based, innovative and engaging course where learners play the role of a Communications Coach in a medical facility.

Tish Robinson

Digital & eLearning

Leadership & Team Conflict Transformation

A course optimized for mobile devices that uses observe and critique, modeling, and branching conversations around a series of authentic, cross-cultural dispute conversations.

Two people working together at a desk

Digital & eLearning

Effective Coaching for Managers

An on-demand, video-based course where learners engage in a series of authentic coaching conversations, using a mix of observe and critique and branching conversation activities, and reflect on how to create a coaching culture on their engagements.

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