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Talent On-demand

How to Create a Predictable Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline that Produces Skilled "Job-Ready" Candidates On-Demand.

If you're in SOC operations and responsible for hiring entry-level cybersecurity professionals, you're very aware of the challenges and costs in sourcing and keeping skilled talent. If you require a more immediate solution to this global problem, then consider exploring Talent On-Demand.

Born out of the massive shortage of experienced cybersecurity candidates, Talent On-Demand is designed to deliver real competitive advantages by immediately accessing an untapped population of potential candidates. Where traditional recruitment and educational strategies have fallen short, Talent On-Demand offers:

  • Immediately available candidates who are pre-assessed to determine how well they can perform on the job and how they assimilate into your corporate culture.
  • A Cybersecurity Talent strategy that can be less costly, has less risk, and is more effective in producing experienced, practical skills-based talent for your business, every time.

Talent On-demand is provided by Socratic Arts and Techfindr. To explore how employers can accelerate their ability to realise returns on the total cost of acquiring skilled cyber-security talent, send an email to for a live demonstration.

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Socratic Arts designed and developed the online cybersecurity training for the U.S Department of Defense, and subsequently developed and markets its courses to military agencies, managed security providers and other enterprises with large in-house needs.

Techfindr is an Irish specialist Cyber Security Human Capital Firm with an extensive network into the global cybersecurity industry and offices in Ireland, Mauritius, and The Netherlands. Their team has 10+ year's experience sourcing highly skilled ICT / cybersecurity professionals with a successful retention rate of 98%, using a combination of Experience, Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Intelligence tools.

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