Holly Christensen Sestak

Holly Christensen Sestak

CEO and President

Holly Christensen Sestak is the President and COO of Socratic Arts. Previously, Holly was the Director of Operations and a Learning Design Director at Socratic Arts. While at Socratic Arts, she has worked with large global companies, premier consulting firms, the International Organization for Standardization, universities, and other organizations and schools to solve complex business challenges using human-centered design, leading to the creation of award-winning, learn-by-doing programs. She has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles in education and learning, and has an MBA.

Prior to working at Socratic Arts, Ms. Sestak was a performance consultant working with large organizations including IBM and Allstate. In addition, she was the Learning Officer and Director of Academic Systems and Processes for Apollo Group, overseeing online and FlexNet faculty development at the institutions owned by Apollo Group. In this role, she also was responsible for the academic and administrative processes and learning for 180 locations throughout the world and served as a faculty member in management and organizational behavior.

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