Marie Marsh Gardiner

Marie Marsh Gardiner

Senior Learning Design Manager

Ms. Gardiner has 15 years of experience scoping, designing, and managing the delivery of live learning programs, as well as eLearning and technical applications for academic, corporate, and healthcare clients. Ms. Gardiner started her career in 1999 at Cognitive Arts Corp as a Content Developer and quickly moved up to Project Manager, leading highly complex projects for academic institutions and Fortune 500 clients.

After Cognitive Arts, Ms. Gardiner was Project Director for Advanced Practice Strategies, Inc., a healthcare education platform company, where she spearheaded the development of 40+ elearning projects for national healthcare clients including the Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Institutions. Prior to Socratic Arts, Ms. Gardiner was Project Manager for an educational consulting firm specializing in elearning, collaboration, and performance support solutions serving notable higher education clients, such as Harvard University, MIT, Boston College and Boston University.

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