Suze Ward

Suze Ward

Director of Digital Learning & Innovation, Learning Design Director

Ms. Ward has more than 30 years of experience in instructional systems design, information architecture, and user experience design. She has designed and developed learning programs in a variety of modalities, including instructor led, virtual instructor led, e-learning/digital, and asynchronous distance learning. Ms. Ward also has extensive experience designing the user experience for client-side and Web-based applications, as well as informational and transactional websites. She has created courses for many industries, including life sciences and healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, business leadership, corporate accounting, manufacturing, defense contracting, aviation, restaurant management, as well as associations and nonprofits.

As a Human Factors Certified Usability Analyst, Ms. Ward has conducted user and usability research, including audience analysis, persona development, heuristic studies, comparative analyses, card sorts, content inventories, and usability testing of existing and new products.

Her multifaceted managerial skills include strategic planning, customer service, project management, and employee development. Prior to joining Socratic Arts, Ms. Ward worked with clients from a variety of industries and organizations.

Ms. Ward earned a 2015 Hermes Creative Gold Award and The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts 2015 Communicator Award for her work writing, storyboarding, and overseeing the development of an educational video animation called, "Sam's Story," which was created to help increase employee awareness of the benefits of Customer Journey Mapping at a large healthcare organization. She also led the design and development of a 2019 Brandon Hall award-winning M&A simulation program, and was the learning design director for a 2023 Brandon Hall award-winning educational game.

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