The Science of Learning Series

Want to Make Learning Stick? Flip It!

"What's the quickest and cheapest way to make our company's training more effective?" Don't teach first and have participants practice second. Flip it and have them problem-solve first before teaching.

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The Science of Learning Series

The Trouble with Curation

My client frowned, studying the courses she could leverage for a new learning journey.

"It's getting a little...frustrating - I mean, challenging, to make new courses by curating modules and materials from other courses. They just - they aren't a perfect fit."

I nodded and agreed.
I'd come to the same conclusion.

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The Science of Learning Series Two arrows showing a cycle

The Art of Transfer

The fundamental goal of instruction is to help learners retrieve and apply - or "transfer" - what they learned when it's relevant. In instances like our client's, the transfer process fails for reasons that can be frustratingly difficult to pinpoint.

In this article we discuss how some commonly-used training techniques can inadvertently cause problems with transfer and offer research-backed strategies to overcome these obstacles.

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The Future of Learning

In 2021, in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, Socratic Arts interviewed learning leaders about how they were adapting to serve the needs of a newly virtual workforce. We heard stories of incredible resilience and new clarity about what learners want and need in the changing landscape of work. In this report, we share our findings and trend forecasts with clients and colleagues.

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Need Help Converting Live Programs to Virtual?

Socratic Arts can help redesign your courses and programs to suit your organizational and learner needs. Whether you need virtual instructor-led training (vILTs), digital on-demand courses, or blended solutions - we can help.

We solve complex business challenges by designing engaging and effective learning experiences for our clients, including Fortune 100 global companies, every day. We use audio, video, and collaboration tools to design & develop courses virtually and have complete confidence you can deliver amazing learning programs virtually too.

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We're Going Mobile (Ok, but how?)

Wondering about the learning design and development considerations and tradeoffs when creating content for mobile platforms?

If your company needs help with going mobile or is interested in other ways to make your learning more effective; whether it's mobile, desktop, hybrid, or in person; our experienced team of instructional designers are delighted to help.

We share key insights about a mobile-first design approach in this performance support for other learning designers.

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Nano Learning Solutions

Need just-in-time learning that learners can access in the flow of work? We can help. Whether it's AI-assisted, a mobile app, a collection of quick hands-on practice scenarios, a suite of visual job aids, or something else, Socratic Arts has probably built something like it before.

For more information about nano learning solutions for your organization, Contact Us.

Stories - It's Who We Are Chat bubbles

In 1944, psychologists Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel showed a short animated film to 34 subjects. The film, which can be seen here, showed a circle and two triangles moving around a rectangle. The subjects were then asked to write down what happened in the picture. Interestingly, all but one of the subjects wrote a story to explain what they saw.

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