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Games and gamification are increasingly essential to enhance learning and motivation for modern audiences. Our games are designed to be fun and challenging, while also delivering valuable instructional content.

Depending on client needs, we design and build a wide variety of games and gamification elements – everything from videogame-like environments to actual card games to breakout rooms to metrics-based scoring for simulations – to engage your learners and promote knowledge retention.

Case Studies

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Digital & eLearning

Ensuring Fresh Food and Excellent Customer Service

A 20-minute, digital, on-demand course with two tracks - one for crew and one for crew managers.


Live, In Person ILT

Engaging Card Game Focused on Creating Senior Leader Discussion

An innovative card game focused on generating discussion among senior leaders related to experiences & actions needed to create client impact.

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Live, In Person ILT

Cross Functional Risk Assessment

A two-day, in-person, immersive experience in which learners analyze and solve multiple real-life case scenarios while building their internal collaborative network.

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