Dynamic Scene Adapter™

Learners in a DSA program are placed in teams and challenged to perform tasks consistent with their workplace responsibilities. The twist is, what comes next in the storyline depends on their decisions and actions - only they dont know it.

In each "scene," learners must work as a team to make key decisions, prepare for meetings, attend meetings, handle challenges, and create deliverables to submit through the online interface for a coach to review and provide individualized feedback. Our innovative scene management system then reacts to these decisions and actions, and moves the team to the next scene. Make a different choice from the team next to you and you can be on an entirely different path.

Dynamic scene adapter rules consider participant's decisions and coaches feedback in the current scene to determine how the story unfolds, and what participants are asked to do next.

Dynamic Scene Adapter™ benefits

Simulations are ideal for improving performance in situations calling for trade off-based decision making, where decisions can have both positive and negative impacts.

By continuously adjusting the story to user input, learners:

  • Experience consequences in the way they would experience them in real life.
  • Understand the complex interrelationships between multiple decisions or between decisions and multiple dimensions of a situation.
  • Feel the impact of their decisions over time.
  • Struggle to recover from troubled situations caused by previous decisions.

As a result, each team has an experience tailored to where they showed a need for improvement. Because of this, learners become better able to identify and confront complicated, multi-faceted situations on the job.

NOTE: DSA is built within the Goal-Based Scenario Tool™

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Live, In Person ILT

Lively and Modern Immersive Simulation

A four-day, live, computer-hybrid simulation using the Socratic Arts award-winning Dynamic Scene Adapter™ (DSA) to provide a customized and engaging experience for learners and coaches.

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