Needs & Curriculum Analyses

Our needs and curriculum analyses services provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization's learning needs. Our team of instructional design experts works closely with you to ensure that the assessment outcomes and resulting training plans are effective and meet the unique needs of your organization.

Needs Analysis

If you know you have a training need, but don't have clarity around skill gaps and requirements, we can help!

Our detailed needs analysis provides you with a deep understanding of your performance improvement areas and recommendations for next steps. Our instructional design team is adept at developing interview protocols and surveys and conducting focus groups and one-on-one discussions with your target learner population and their managers. Then, we'll develop reports that quantify everything we've discovered to make it easy for you to share outcomes with your internal team and leadership.

When you're not sure where your performance gaps are or you want to validate your investment in a solution, this is the best place to start to get the data that you need to move forward.

Curriculum Analysis

We can also analyze your existing curriculum, provide a quantitative assessment of course efficacy, and identify gaps and opportunities for improvement as well as recommendations for next steps.

Case Studies

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Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis for Global Law Firm

A needs analysis and firmwide skills framework for a first-ever, comprehensive, 6-year leadership and management curriculum for all associate levels.

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Curriculum Analysis

Curriculum Analysis for Global Law Firm

A curriculum analysis for the firm’s Capital Markets practice.

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Live, In Person ILT

Global Needs Analysis for Improving Growth and Retention of Senior Women Leaders

Socratic Arts conducted interviews and focus groups with 88 practitioners – both men and women - across all tenure levels and regions.

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